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Working better together. Kwon Sport Martial Arts are proud to be part of the Global Combat Organization (GCO) group of associations who follow the World Kickboxing and Karate Union rule set.


Why Join Us?

When you join WKU England you can feel safe in knowing that you are part of a huge worldwide community of martial arts academies spanning from the UK to the USA and all around the globe.

WKU England offers membership, licensing, and support for academies in all corners of the country. We are a reputable and well-established organization boasting attractive fees, modern methods, and excellent marketing strategies. Our member schools enjoy limited interference with friendly ongoing help and support.


Get Insured

Martial arts insurance and licensing for schools, instructors, students, and also independent competitors.

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Gradings and Certification

National recognised grading with the freedom to grade your own students and optional printed certificates.


Be Licensed

National and international tournaments, annual 7-day televised World Championship attended by 40+ nations.


If you have any questions about the forum, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to address any of your questions, comments, or concerns.

Church Hill House, Third Avenue, Pensnett Trading Estate,

Kingswinford. Dy6 7xz

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